Friday, June 19, 2009

Buffalo Sculptures Make the Move to East Nashville

It was reported by The Tennesseean that East Nashville will soon have buffalos moving into the area….

The intersection between Dickerson Road and First Street, once a rundown area, will now feature life-size buffalo statues. The statues will be part of an effort to establish ‘a different East Nashville’. The area has a history of a trail of migrating buffalo that once roamed the area near Dickerson Road and near the downtown Cumberland River. The sculptures moving to the area will be bronze figures worth upwards of $180,000. The sculptor, Cembrock, has built projects with the Smithsonian in D.C. and at Sea World in San Diego. The new statues are part of a multimillion-dollar renovation including new sidewalks, landscaping and lighting from 1st Street to Douglas Avenue.

The sculptures are part of a dual effort between the Tennessee Department of Transportation, which was awarded a $1.3 million grant, and the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, given over $500,000 in grant money. The ultimate goal is to bring new businesses and encourage tourism, development and real estate investment within the East Nashville area. The project is considered a ‘streetscape project’ that began in January and is expected to ultimately increase property values in the area.

East Nashville is a changing area that is now promoting home ownership and tax incentives and design guidelines for future development, much like the provisions that exist within the historic Nashville neighborhoods. It has been suggested that this renovation is the biggest change in 10 years.

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